Kimberly AJ Kimberly AJ 12 April 2013

Same things that Chloë Agnew and I both like

and Máiréad Nesbitt]]When I first met this Irish girl, I mentioned some things to her like the Care Bears and decribed her hairstyles in her Walking In The Air DVD. In my second time to meet her, I also showed her my white soft toy bunny rabbit named Cuddles who wears a green and white checkered ribbon with a bow tied around the side of her neck and my soft toy panda cub who used to be attached to its mother who wears a red scarf for now. She told me that she likes these creatures and we really are very friendly, cheerful and caring. Now, I realize that we internationally love good things.
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Kimberly AJ Kimberly AJ 27 February 2013

There's no world without Celtic Woman

Did you know that Celtic Woman was first developed in 2004? My very best Irish friend Chloë Agnew was born three years before me and I knew it was true. Together we were children and teenagers and now we are adults. She has met more women who are mostly Irish and they have become friends. Clearly, Hayley Westenra was born in New Zealand and was the first foreigner to be a leading soloist of Celtic Woman. Every member of Celtic Woman went to lots of countries that I've ever seen and you might want to know this: there's no world without Celtic Woman.

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