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Lisa Kelly is one of Celtic Woman's founding singers. She and Chloë Agnew are two of the three founding members of the team who were, as of early December of 2011, still active as members, fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt being the third. Lisa has an Australian-born husband named Scott Porter and they have the most children of their own whom she named Cian, Jack, Ellie and Harry. Susan McFadden took Lisa's place later on.

Solo CD album[]

Lisa K recorded her CD album named after herself.

Track List[]

  1. Siuil A Run
  2. Carrickfergus
  3. Lift The Wings
  4. The Soft Goodbye
  5. Dubhdarra
  6. Home And The Heartland
  7. May It Be
  8. Homecoming
  9. The Deer's Cry
  10. Send Me A Song
  11. Now We Are Free