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Chloë in the ancient cemetary

Someday is a song from Disney's 1996 animated feature film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz and originally recorded by American singer and actress Heidi Mollenhauer in her film role as the singing voice of Esmeralda. One out of three recordings, along with "In a Place of Miracles" and "As Long as There's a Moon", it was discarded during the storyboarding process of the film and replaced with "God Help the Outcasts" as directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise both wanted a quieter song in scene when Esmeralda sings inside the Notre Dame cathedral. While not used in the body of the film, "Someday" is heard over the closing credits of the film. This song is also covered by the youngest Celtic Woman member Chloë Agnew for her solo album called Walking in the Air and her first Celtic Woman album.


Live in the 2006 tour

Someday, when we are wiser,

When the world's older,
When we have learned....
I pray someday we may yet,
Live to live and let live

Someday, life will be fairer,
Need will be rarer,
And greed will not pay
Godspeed this bright millennium,
On its way, let it come someday

Someday, our fight will be won and, 
We'll stand in the sun in, 
That bright afternoon.... 
'Til then, on days when the sun, is gone, 
We'll hang on, if we wish upon the moon

There are some days, dark and bitter, 
Seems we haven't got a prayer, 
But a prayer for something better, 
Is the one thing we all share

Someday, when we are wiser, 
When the whole world is older, 
When we have learned, 
And I pray, someday we may yet,
Live to live and one day, someday...

Someday, life will be fairer, 
Need will be rarer, 
And greed will not pay 
Godspeed, this bright millennium,
Let it come, if we wish upon the moon...
One day, someday.....soon